Wheat is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that keep your mind and body healthy and vibrant. Taking a shot of juiced wheatgrass as part of your morning breakfast routine is considered a healthy way to start the day.

  1. Soaking and germinating wheat seeds.
  2. Prepare the wheat seeds for soaking.
  3. Soak the wheat seeds.
  4. Prepare the seed tray for planting.
  5. Plant the wheat seeds.
  6. Keep the seeds moist.
  7. Keep the grass in partial sunlight.
  8. Wait for the wheatgrass to “split.”
  9. Cut the wheatgrass above the root.
  10. Start the process again.
  11. Wash and rinse the wheatgrass
  12. Place the wheatgrass in a juicer.
  13. Enjoy a shot of wheatgrass.

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