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Weave my passions 

By utilizing the state of art technology with a remarkable capacity monthly of producing one million meters of jacquard, plain and printed material, our company is on the manufacturers list of preeminent brands worldwide. Fast and quality service is our priority.

Dyeing my passions

Producing eco-friendly is our goal. The dyeing plant has Oekotex 100 certificate and equipped with high performance state of the art technology.

All fabrics are carefully examined and undergo a series of technical, chemical and physical tests. Each production phase is supervised by the tracking system. Fabrics are checked by double control system.

Print my passions

Design my passions

Pakipek Textile follows and analyses future fashion trends anf offers 4 seasonal collections annually. The collections prepared with the industry leaders of the world with quality assurance. Provides product development service and fabric design support in order to meet special demands. Pakipek prepares the demands of collection and samples within 7 days.

Research & Development

Provides adaptation of the upcoming yarns, anf fallows new Technologies that can be applyed to fabric. Communicates with worldwide brands in order to design fabrics. Provides a series of quality management principles that feature continuous improvement.

Production & Development

Meeting the customer’ needs in the market is not the sole criterion for commercial success. Besides innovative products should be developed. Thus, in order to meet the customer’ expectations, we develop current and new products in an innovative way as a principle.

This improvement efforts are not solely on product basis but also being implemented on a technocentric, innovative, strategically planned, product managed system which is analysed economically also in terms of business development with the participation of the management as well.


Sustainability in all processes of production, eco-friendly A quality dyestuff materials, yarns, recyclable production with high performance machinery and treatment facilities..

Holds Oekotex 100 certificate that indicates safety for skin friendly fabrics. We produce renewable, clean products which do not cause greenhouse gas emissions.

We attach importance to re-use before disposal with recycled heat system. After dyeing and finishing, the discharged wastewater is treated to remove contaminants that may be harmful tp the environment.

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