Pakipek Group Companies

With the brand Pakfiks, the company started to manufacture high tenacity industrial yarns for national and international markets. By the end of 2018, the company’s market share reaches to %30 within the national market. In the international market the company exports to many countries especially the Eurozone. Yarns that are manufactured for quilting machines are being used particularly in the mattress and furniture industry as well as in dowry, home textile, outerwear, garment, denim products, leather products, shoes, tent, tarpaulin and automotive industries that demand high precision and durability.

• Pakfiks High Tenacity Polyester Continuous Filament • Pakkoza Quilting Shuttle Yarns
• Pakstorm Core-Spun Polyester Yarns
• Pakstorm Garment Sewing Yarns

• Pakstorm Stretch Yarn
• Pakstorm Embroidery Yarn
• Pakpoly Shoe, Shoe-Upper Yarn

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