The adventure of Pakipek started at the early 1900s with silk yarn twisting and fabric manufacturing. Company incorporated in 1956.
Commenced fabric manufacturing with new factory at the organized industrial zone in 1985.
Presented export fabrics to the European Market in 1990.
Invested in weaving and printing in 2000.
First jacquard fabric production began in 2005.
Started manufacturing high tenacity industrial yarns for domestic and foreign markets under the brand name Pakfiks in 2011.
Invested in digital printing technology and went into mass production in 2012.
Established Pakipeknet Electronics Ltd. company and started to manufacture pillow, runner, bag and table cloth for home textile in 2013.
Established the second factory with their dyeing plant and took an important step in production integration in 2015.
As of 2019, it continues their activities with the founders and fourth generation team.